The path is the goal

Over 15 years of experience

As parkour pioneers in Germany, the two founders of TraceSpace, Martin Gessinger and Ben Scheffler have over 15 years of experience in parkour training and between us, we have a deep understanding of the subtle details that make certain locations attractive for parkour training.
It is our goal to design spaces for parkour that are independent of the skill set of experienced traceurs while also offering an ideal addition to already established spots.

Holistic education

Parkour by TRUST

We deeply believe that personal well-being and prosperity are birthrights and strongly believe in the power of a community. TRUST Education is a network of people and companies that recognize education and charity as key to prosperity and well-being.
We believe in growth and a shared success!

Either everything is a parkour park or nothing is a parkour park

Designing with parkour

The idea of parkour – to find movement inspiration and challenges in almost every environment – is useful for developing a forward-looking, integrated and versatile approach to designing a movement area.
The often unstructured and improvised character of parkour as a discipline serves as a principle and a baseline for the design process that aims to provide a successful creative movement space for all target groups.
Given that many urban environments have limited space, this approach holds the potential to address an informal sports sector that can be difficult to assess because of its inherent diversity.