We design with passion.

We develop spaces for creative movement and communal experimentation that support social interaction. Health promotion — both the short term goals of an individual and the broader health of the community — is achieved through the design of our spaces, enabling users to develop their movement potential.
TraceSpace stands for health and wellbeing through movement while forging a strong community.


Out of experience, not out of principle.



Movement areas that are designed with multiple perspectives in mind enable users to move independently of their experience, resources, or their age, while promoting healthy and self-determined physical creativity.
These spaces have an integrative effect, bringing different users together, and becoming social hotspots as a result.



Social inclusion

Thorough analysis and the consultation of potential user groups are essential for a successful project. In all development phases of our movement spaces, from planning to implementation and use, exchanging ideas with those who will be enjoying the TraceSpace is fundamental to our process.


With what?


A versatile space made up of diverse materials, shapes, and surfaces encourages creative movement. Through this, we offer sufficient space for individual movement, while at the same time providing access for a broad range of different user groups.



Development in all dimensions.

Project development

All service phases

Together with our partners, we implement the creation of your idea of a movement space: from design to action, from the basic evaluation to aftercare.


Conzept- & design development

We advise you from the concept development to the concrete design planning. Benefit from our expertise and our network.



Sustainable development and the use of space for movement are of personal concern to us. Together with our exclusive partners we plan and supervise your utilisation concept, from engaging events and workshops, to providing teachers with the skills to lead groups in using the space.